Why Turkey?

Turkey is a big country and the population is 82.003.882 as of 2018. There are totally 81 cities, 30 of these are big cities with population of 750.000+ . You can see modern life in all cities such as modern buildings, shopping and social life.

An increasing number of students from various parts of the world are coming to Turkey to study. 185 universities (121 state and 64 private) offered high education oppurtunities to international students amazingly with the quota of 83.130 in 325 bachelor degrees as of 2018. Most of Turkish universities have big campuses and facilities where 7,5 million Turkish students are studying.

International students tuition fees and living costs in Turkey are very reasonable when compared with other pouplar destinations. Depending on the courses and the language you want to study, tuition fees per year are about 220 – 1500 $ for state universities and about 5.000 – 20.000 $ for private universities. Depending on the city where you study, living costs including housing  are about 300 – 600 $ per month. (Conversion Rate: 1 $ = 5,40 TRY as of 01 March 2019)

With its great location combined with its history and being home of lots of cultures since the early ages, natural beauties such as Black Sea, Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Sea, Turkey hosted  about 40 million tourists in 2018. It has an excellent climate as you can live 4 seasons in different regions at the same time.

With 55 airports, 5 airlines fly from/to over 100+ countries and 300+ destinations additional to many foreign airline companies, 85 million international passengers flew in Turkey. The national airlines company, Turkish Airlines is flying to more countries than any other airline in the world. One of the advantages for international students is that they can find many flights to Turkey from everywhere.

Hospitability is very important for Turkish culture so you can feel yourself at home.

Turkish cuisine is very rich and popular all over the world so be sure that you can never be hungry. You can find many restaurants and fast food cafes everywhere.

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